Andriali - Biography

     Esra Ozkan, has the elements of fire and water combined that accelerates to the speed of light with excitement radiating through an entire room when she walks inside.  Her nature of an entrepreneur, loving mom, fun, hypo energetic, dream chaser, detailed, perfectionist, problem solver, go getter, coffee lover, shopaholic, and a very hard worker.She is your typical gemini, friendly & talkative. 

     Esra worked in commercial banking for 7 years. She chose the textile industry and fell in love realizing that life had a special path that brought her there and inspired her natural abilities for design and creation. Taking her adventure to a higher level she decided to take a leap and go to New York opening and carving her way built a very successful textile business driving the forefront of international trade between the U.S. and Turkey. 

     With the spirit of a true entrepreneur she created a coffee brand and sold it to a franchisee.  She had already been multitasking and exploring many of her talents. Then she exercised her knowledge and passion for her country in politics for 5 years she accomplished guiding the women side of her party empowering and educating them.

     Now present day, Esra has gathered her vast amounts of experience and resources to join forces with her dear friend and business partner Andrie Iglesias bringing to life their new baby ANDRIALI. Vigorously they are building the brand and engaging with their public enjoying every step of the way thinking out of the ordinary formulas finding the embrace of people internationally approving the high quality unique designs for men’s shirts.  

     Andrie Iglesias, he is an artist, an individual that cares for everyone, he is the spark of creativity, a gentle soul, humanitarian, entrepreneur, composer, poet, photographer visual creator.

     Growing up he had a love for the arts and music accomplishing several musical awards such as the John Lennon songwriting contest, also sat on the board of packaging at Bilboard.  He commenced his career and love for photography along side his music. He has worked with his greatest mentors, David James, Annie Lebovitz, Sid Hoeltzell and Robert Zuckerman to name a few.

     His love for photography and his best friend Esra led him to the most exciting venture he has ever embarked. The creation of their new baby as they say, "ANDRIALI". This is the way he enjoys life. "Living the journey is the happiest part knowing you will have ups and downs plus your conflicts here and there are what makes it all worth it. You can never stop once you start follow through and complete your dreams on a daily basis.

Esra Ozkan & Andrie Iglesias - Andriali Team - Biography Picture