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Press Release -- Luxury Men’s Shirt Brand Andriali

New Online Men’s Shirts Store Andriali.Com Brings America’s Finest To The World Newly launched online store brings in luxury and most elegant men’s shirt fashion to the world that cares both for the appearance and a great feel from within. Miami, FL - May 10, 2017 - Menswear finds a new suave destination online this month - Luxury men’s shirt brand Andriali has recently launched its online store to introduce America’s finest style to classy hunks all over the world. is all about cool exclusive shirts layered in prime quality fabrics for the contemporary fashionable business man who also dabbles into poetry in free time.  “We are excited to announce the launch of our online store this month. We aim...

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Have you ever eaten chicken feet?

    Seriously speaking, I did eat chicken feet. To be honest, Andrie insisted that I had to try the chicken feet or else Sid and Chef Paul would be super disappointed. They know that I am open to all different types of cuisines around the world and would be willing to at least give it a try without being judgmental. I ate 5 feet in total. How did I do it, you might ask. Well, first I just closed my eyes and tried not to pay attention to the fact that I was eating chicken feet. It made a world of a difference and I actually enjoyed the flavor very much. Would I try chicken feet again is the question....

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Am I racist ?

I was trying to concentrate on my excel sheet in Monarc's business center. A lady came, and started talking so  loudly . I, nicely, gently ,said "could you please lower your voice. "She looked at me as if  I used a bad word and continued speaking louder and louder. it took 40 min for me to concentrate and finish the price list which never happened. She stood up, and started insulting me and threatening me cursing in front of children . She explicitly screamed "B...CH" She left. Minutes later, she came with security accusing me of racism . I was shocked and perplexed at this situation escalating out of proportion. Thank God, there was a guy who is sitting and working on...

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